Friday, November 7, 2008

More Floetry Friday poems

"Cliff of the Unknown" - By Katya

- Dedicated to my brothers at Otisville, who have inspired me and helped me on my journey as much as I have for them. From Katya, with peace, hope, and love...

I stand at the Cliff of The Unknown,
Tired toes curling over the edge,
I'm trembling.
A black canvas awaits me.
So empty and stark, I shiver at the vastness of it all.
What am I to do with this?
Have I learned anything?

Am I that same child,
Precise with her movements, but with her words wild?
Her mind filled chaos
Unable to focus, the unconscious takes over.

Buddha once told me
That my own thoughts, unguarded,
would harm me more than my worst enemy.

Can that be? I am my own prisoner?
A slave to my emotions, they tell me how to live,
they tell me how to be.

My thoughts circle hastily, incessantly,
wrapping around and around, over and under
suffocating my brain, till I slip asunder.

I'm slipping over the edge of the cliff now,
Slipping into that black hole of... what?
As I am falling, wind rushes past my ears
And I hear God whisper to me...

You are all possibility.
The infinite number of atoms in motion,
Of raindrops that fall and become the ocean.

You are
The infinite possiblity of lovers tenderly
entwined with dreams of the future as they fall asleep.

Of how long the sun and moon will be
inclined to play their game of hude and seek.
You are already everything, don't ever quit.
Possibility is as wide as the space you create for it.

Then I realize, God is me.
The weight I have borne at the center of my heart was the universe,
throbbing, calling to me to acknowledge my part.
All my pain and suffering because I just
couldn't see that I, myself, can set myself free.

My eyes closed, arms outstretched
towards the world.
I am now weightlessness, wings carry me
upon the wind gently.

I fly away
towards possibility.

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